The STREETS Board Game



The number of gangs is on the rise, as is gang violence, with devastating impacts across the board. The STREETS board game was created to provide those in the streets and gang lifestyle with a first of its kind, non-judgmental, non-confrontational, enjoyable opportunity to reflect on, and to talk about their lifestyle choices in a way that brings understanding, insight, compassion, bonding and healing.  The mission is to blaze new inroads into a deeper, more substantial dialogue, to provide participants with a deep and real experience of one another, to unite us in our humanity, and to reduce alienation and isolation. The STREETS game will help you feel, care, express, understand, dream, imagine, and be more of who you really are with one another. Masks fall away, and preconceived barriers disappear as players learn a great deal about themselves and each other, creating connections which have meaning and which heal trauma and wounds.



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