We Offer:

Train the Trainer

Our demonstrated goal is to introduce participants to this exciting, therapeutic, social-emotional learning communication game, and to provide STREETS game workshop participants with the confidence and ability to facilitate their own STREETS game workshops, so this can be an ongoing, sustainable and impactful practice.

All participants will completely understand:

  • The objectives of STREETS game utilization
  • How to facilitate STREETS workshops, utilizing principles of trauma-informed care.
  • How to use the facilitation guide (provided at no cost), as well as how to structure icebreakers and exercises, customized to your needs.
  • How to utilize STREETS to foster, and signi2cantly enhance positive peer interaction, insight, communication, processing of one’s experiences and emotions, motivation for change, support and authentic connection.

Onsite Workshops:

Credible Messengers will come directly to your school or program, to facilitate STREETS game workshops. They will include Role-play material